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About Us

The Department of Continuing Education is at the heart of lifelong learning for field practitioners. It provides ongoing opportunities for chiropractors to gain new knowledge, thus impacting their practice, their patients, and by extension the profession. It is therefore another part of Palmer College that supports the College’s overall mission: to promote learning, deliver health care, engage our communities and advance knowledge through research.
The overall mission of Continuing Education (CE) is to enhance the education and knowledge of chiropractors in the field, leading to more effective patient care and greater success in practice overall. To reach this target, CE develops courses and programs offering training to the profession. It hires highly competent instructors, works with state organizations and licensing bodies, and assesses the success of individual programs. It interfaces with representatives from groups offering both diplomate and certification training, and it uses both traditional and innovative methods for delivering this training.  This represents an external constituency comprised of Palmer College alumni members as well as the profession at large.